8AB – Experiencing Ireland

“How’ya me boyos, what’s the craic?”, is what you would hear us say every morning during our amazing trip to Dublin.  

You wanna know why? Because we’re now proud members of the Irish slang-gang. Some other Irish culture that we got to experience was, of course, Irish dancing. We really were throwing some shapes, as the Irish would say.  

The cliff walk, on the other hand, was at first not that successful, because we fecking eejits took the wrong path. Luckily, we somehow reached the top and enjoyed the view before it started bucketing down (raining) on us buds and gurls.  

Between competitive screaming and rolling on the ground we did eventually learn some English at the Apollo Language School. But don’t trust the ginger teacher because he might tell you some sketchy things about the river Liffey (Sniffy Liffey…).  

We didn’t expect to be this knackered (exhausted) after long days of walking around and riding the DART (train). At least our host families made us feel welcome at their gaffs (houses). Well, at least most of them did. 

All in all, one could say that we got to try the full Irish experience. Except for a pint of Guinness. But if that’s the reason why you would miss out on this trip, you should be scarlet for your ma (embarrassed).  

Cheers and Slán!  

 By Eliane, Hannah and Lena, 8A