Kreatives Schreiben in der Englischgruppe 1BC bringt vorweihnachtliche Freude…


In a small town in England, there is a boy named Adam. Adam loves Christmas. His home smells good with cookies, and he has got a beautiful Christmas tree.    Adam and his sister Anna want presents. Anna says: “I do not believe in Santa!” Suddenly, someone opens the door. Guess who? It is Santa with a big bag of presents!
Santa gives them presents and children are excited. Anna can’t believe that Santa is in their house! He is real! They all smile and are happy! Tim gives Santa many cookies. Santa eats them all in one go!
Santa says “Goodbye and Merry Christmas!” Adam and Anna go to bed. From now on Anna believes in Santa…

(Maria und Klara S., 1b)


It’s the 23rd of December.  Luis and Luise are very excited. Tomorrow is Christmas! Luis wants to see Santa. Santa comes with a sleigh and a lot of reindeers! He has a beard. A long white beard! And the reindeers can fly! Luis and Luise have got a Christmas tree in the living room. Today they’re at school, but tomorrow the holidays will start.
In the evening Luis can’t fall asleep. He is so nervous because of the presents.
In the night, a little elf wakes him up and says: “Santa is ill! You must help me! Please come with me.”
And they fly with the reindeers to Santa’s house. There are a lot of presents. Santa sleeps in his bed. They bring all presents on the sleigh and start to fly over the clouds. He can see all cities around the world.  Suddenly there is a storm. It’s very hard to fly the sleigh. He is scared. But the next moment he wakes up and opens his eyes. Luis is happy. It’s a dream.

(Talina N.,1B)

Christmas in a Mouse’s House

                                                                          1945 Great Britain, Christmas Eve
It’s only six days until Christmas, but oh dear! Freddy mouse isn’t even NEAR
To being done with decorations, or food.,” Oh no! I promised the family to
host the party this year! ´´, Freddy whined, trying to put the lights up, but
failing miserably, since he’s way too short, oh my lord!
After countless attempts and lots of falling Freddy sighed:” Why does this have
To be SO HARD!? I give up…´´ He tried to do other things, like baking but gave up
shortly after, since it was late, and Freddy needed food on his plate!
After dinner, he went straight to bed, not even putting away the bread.
The little mouse woke up groggy:” Mmmgrr… Today is very foggy…´´
But he got up anyway, even though this day is gray.
“But today, I’ll definitely put up the lights and bake! ´ he said, “I better not
start too late! ´´Freddy chanted as he walked through the gate.
Now he’s at the grocery store, what a bore! After a few hours
he was finally done! And now, Freddy needs to run: “I have got hurry! ´´ he ran so fast,
his vision got blurry! Why, you ask? Well, He needs to complete a lot of tasks.
But no matter how hard Freddy tried, he just couldn’t do it.
“I don’t wanna screw it up… This is bad, this is very bad… I only have four days left
until Christmas and I was barely able to bake these biscuits)!´´
As the poor animal was sitting in a tiny chair, crying whe suddenly,
there’s a little knock on the door! He slowly got up, his tail dragging on the floor.
The tiny mouse opened the door, and there, was his brother and aunty!
His aunty chuckled:” Hello dear! We just wanted to see if you were naughty!
You know? If you didn’t eat all the food by yourself? ‘‘
Freddy sighed: Hm! Well there isn’t a lot to eat…
“Huh? And why would that be? ´´, asked his brother.
“Maybe I need some help from mother…´´, said Freddy quietly.
His aunty then stepped in:” Aww come on! You don’t need help from my sister Lynn!
Me and your brother will gladly help you, sweetie! ´´
Freddy smiled, and gladly accepted.
So… Over the days, in many ways Freddy’s aunty and brother helped the
little mouse with decorations, food  And on Christmas day,
everyone was happy, laughing, smiling, drinking berry punch.
And all of this, was just because Freddy accepted a little bit of help, and because
the family was finally united!
(Emilia P., 1C)

Merry Grinchmas

In a big city named Vienna, there is a big house. The house belongs to the family Homy. But in the house there lives another person named Grinch who does not like Christmas and so he is going to steal it every year, and nobody knows, who is it. Grinch is a mad, bad green monster. And it has got a red Christmas pointed hat!

This is Grinch:

This year, the children want to catch the Christmas-thief! They don´t go to bed, they don´t sleep! And in the night before Christmas, they see the green monster when it steals the presents! It says: Merry Grinchmas!” The children ask: “Why do you say Grinchmas? It´s called Christmas, and not Grinchmas! And why do you steal our presents?” “OK, slowly, slowly! First, you’re right, it is called Christmas, but this is before I arrive! When I steal your presents, then is it Grinchmas!

And now comes the answer to the question about the presents: I steal your presents, because I hate Christmas! But I love Grinchmas! Grinchmas is the same as Christmas, just without trees, present and all that nonsense!”  “But our presents aren´t nonsense! We like our presents, but when you steal them, we are sad!” the children say. “Oh…I didn´t know that!”, says Grinch: “Now I will not steal your presents, I give you the presents, that I stole the years before!” ”Yay!” now the children aren´t sad, they´re happy!
And Grinch says: “Merry Christmas, and a happy new year!”

(Katarina S., 1c)