Support of the people of Ukraine

Fundraiser for the International Red Cross in support of the people of Ukraine.

Das/ein Rezept für Ukrainische Kekse finden Sie hier.

On Tuesday, the 4D class visited each classroom to inform students that our school will be working to raise money to donate to the International Red Cross to help the people of Ukraine.

Thursday morning (tomorrow) – We are looking for volunteers to cookies for our fundraiser. You should bring your cookies to the library before the first class. You may use the recipe for a traditional Ukrainian cookie or bake cookies using your own favorite recipe. We do ask that your cookies do not contain nuts since many people have nut allergies.

Thursday afternoon, 4D will go to each classroom collect donations to the International Red Cross. Please donate whatever you can, and you’ll receive a home baked cookie!  There will be a table in the lunchroom where you can bring cookies and make your donation on Friday. However, if you can bring them tomorrow, please do!

Thanks very much to 4D and all cookie volunteers for your hard work and for helping Fichtnergasse raise money for such an important cause.

 Remember to wear yellow and blue on Friday!