Trip to Ireland (first three days)

We arrived in Dublin on a decently sunny day, which is very rare for Ireland of course. In general, we’ve been pretty lucky with the weather so far it’s just the wind that can be obnoxious as it magically manages to pass through all your layers of clothing. No matter how well you dress, you’ll always feel cold in Ireland.

So far we’ve been to an excellent walking tour with great guides who showed us around Dublin, or „Black Pool“, how the Vikings called it. They also taught us the Irish word for Whiskey, Uisce beatha,  which will be good to know (in the future). The following day we went on a cliff walk in the south of the city with beautiful scenery. Then we visited the Irish Emigration Museum, the EPIC to learn about Irish heritage. After each trip, we attend 3 exciting hours of language school. Everyone’s also getting along well with their host families and is looking forward to the other planned activities, like Irish dancing!