Mental Health – Ein Erfahrungsbericht

When our teacher told us to reflect on this past year and write reports for the year book, we thought to ourselves: What did we actually do? What did actually happen? I’m sure a lot of you can relate when I say I can’t recall anything remarkable that happened, except the whole COVID-mess with distance learning and all that. At least at one point every one of us felt hopeless. Every day is the same, almost as if living in a loop. Physically, you’re doing your daily tasks. Mentally, you’re somewhere far away, disconnected from your surroundings. Perhaps because of everything we try to avoid on social media, or the sun letting us down this spring, or maybe even the lack of pressure we’re used to be under all the time. These aspects contributed to an overall negative state of mind.

Referring to the prior question:  What did we do this year? We learned how hard, lonely and dark times can be, how incoherent usual activities can get and how everything can seem meaningless. But most importantly: we learned that it’s okay not to be okay.

Sarah Fichtinger, Zsofia Dernovics, Hristina Zhivkova 4E 

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